About Us

Hello and welcome to Shop Crafts

The home of hand painted personalised wooden gifts for all occasions

We are are a selling platform and have multiple verified and trusted sellers who hand paint and sell wooden gifts.

How did we get started.. we run a sucessful wood company selling over 5,000 different products to customers all over. We sell them blank mdf wood and our customers/crafters hand paint them for themselves or sell them via their businesses

We often get asked can we paint our items which we unfortunately can’t and so this is where Shop Crafts was born! Giving a place to our trusted and extremely talented crafters who all have ther own businesses a place to sell our items hand painted for you.

We offer something for all occasions so don’t be afraid to ask a seller if they can do something as I’m sure they can

Please have a look through the site and feel free to contact any sellers should you be interested in buying one of their items or after something new where they will only be too happy to help

Thank you The Shop Crafts Team