Full Instructions

Here we will be detailing how to create you profile and upload the perfect listing


First create an account and then a seller account


Once your account is approved you can create your seller profile

Nickname  You can add your name, a nick name or your business name

Description Write a bit about you and most importantly sell yourself!

Avatar  You can use your business logo, create a cartoon avatar image using an app. Phone app we used was called "bitmoji" or you can add your own photo for that personal touch



Banner  This can be your business logo, or a simple "Hand painted by ' your name' " with some shapes or other wording, image of your choice
Size of the banner is approx 817 x 116 pixels or approx 21 x 3cm 




Invoice details – Go to my account and down to settings. Please fill this name, address page in as this will be what is displayed on your invoices you print for customes

Seller badges - We will be adding these to correspond with your selling account level with Laser Craft Shapes. More badges will follow further down the line







Invoice details – Go to my account and down to settings

In general please add all your name and address details etc. These will be what is displayed on your invoice to the customer

Paypal payment – In the payment section please add your paypal email address so you can accept payments via paypal. If a customer doesn’t have paypal they can still pay by selecting don’t have paypal pay by card when they get to that section

Shipping- This is the combined shipping you set up (as shown below)



How to add a product


Go to my account then down to the "seller" section
Select "Products"
then add new product

Name - This is your item name eg Daddy's cheeky monkey photo frame on stand

Description - 



TITLE HERE - use colour and bigger underlined text centred

What item is this an ideal occasion for - use colour and underlined text centred



Description here - add as much as you can. Please make sure to include the following points:-

* A full detailed description of the item

* Size - we sell/advertise ours in mm but a lot of customers use cm or inches so may be best to include these as well

* MDF thickness is it 3mm, 6mm or 18mm

* Does it come in any other thicknesses if required  - if so is this extra

* Does it free stand on its own or does it have a stand

* Is it suitable for hanging 

* Are there other display options available at an extra cost - if it can have a stand added, can it have hanging loops, add a backing plaque

* Is your item blank wood at the back, painted a neutral colour or same colours as the front
* Is it just available in the colours on the photo or can you offer other colours 

* Do you offer the item in other family names, or with personalisation. If so is this extra

* Do you have any other items that go with this as a set or to compliment it - sell these add on items! these will also be able to be added in the related items section below once added to your shop

By adding all this information this will help maximize sales 



Price - What you want to charge for the item – You can set your own prices however please be respectful of others and all charge around the same price

*If we find anyone to be under pricing we will be asking you to amend your prices*

Quantity -  How many are available (if a made to order item it doesn't really matter add a high number)


Market place categories - Category - choose from ones we have added to go in the main store categories and sub categories at the top of the page in red

Click the arrow or in the box to bring them up (you can not type your own here)

My categories - You can add these yourself and they will be displayed in your seller profile only for customers to browse when looking at your products. 

You can add these via the settings cog in the product section of your account. *See below for further details*

They need do approval so please do add as many as you think you need to cover everything you are thinking of listing.

Once approved you need to then go into your listing and add them in to each listing


Search Optimization


Tags- This is what customers will search the website for eg cheeky, monkey, photo, frame, male, gift

  *separate each word with a comma* this means any single word they search will bring your item up

Meta Description-  This is what appears in google search results under the title. Limited space so keep it relevant to the item as well as what occasions it is suitable for eg Handmade cheeky monkey photo frame gift ideal for Daddy on father’s day, birthdays or any occasion

Meta tag keywords - This is what customers will search for on google when looking for an item eg photo frame, cheeky monkey, photo gift, fathers day, handmade, personalised, hand painted, wooden, gift, birthday
                                *Add as much as possible separating each set of words with a comma*

SEO keyword- This is the wording that appears at the end of the product URL. It helps with search results eg Cheeky monkey photo frame will be URL web link www.shopcrafts.co.uk/cheeky-monkey-photo-frame


Additional data

Model - Use the product code from Laser Craft shapes website of the blank item. eg PL302. It is a 4 character minimum so just add a . or – before or after to fill the space on a 3 character product code 

This will speed up ordering it blank from us when you make a sale

Related products - You will be able to add other items which relate to the item on the listing once they have been added to your shop
               * This is ideal to make sales push items that are in a set or compliment the item*


Auto shows you your items you have listed to pick from

Once clicked on they will show in the text box 

You will then see them at the bottom of that item in your profile


Measurements - L x W (thickness of wood) x H in either mm or cm 
Please add this it is very important to do so customers can see the size of the item


Adding your own options and categories



Options meanings

You will need to add your own options for your shop. These will be personal to yourself and your own listings and will not appear in 
anyone elses shop options. You can base them on LCS ones on the website to make it easier if you want.


Name – this is what you want oyur option to be called

eg you will need “Name required” then choose a text box option. 

then if you have number of frame options eg Name to be “Number of frames” then choose “select box” adding the number of frames in each box below

Option meanings

Text - a single line text box for the customer to write in


Text Area - a larger box for the customer to write in

Select- Drop down menu where the customer can select a single option - value £ can be added to these options

Check box - Multiple boxes with options next to each box for the customer to select one or more than one option
Options will need to be approved so please add as many as you can at once to avoid waiting



once you have added your options they will need to be approved. Once we have approved them you need to go back in your listing down to the options and select them from the box as they will now appear there


Adding Value £ to an option


This can be done back on the product listing once the option is in your shop listing drop down menu

For example number of frames added - you would want to add at least the added amount LCS charge for this plus any extra for painting the extra frame/s say

In the product when adding values to the options

Values - select the option from the drop down menu

Quantity - how many of that option are available (if made to order you can add 100 if wanted)

Subtract box - only tick if you have stock you need subtracting. If you have no stock that need subtracting DON’T tick the box

Price - + or - use the relevant + or - for that option. Add amount you want to add on for that option. If nothing enter 0.00



Adding photos to the options

Once you have photos of each varation you offer, eg number of frames, with stands, with plaques, glittered or just painted. Add all the photos to each listing of the different options you do.

Let us know and then we can assign the photo to an option so when that option is selected from the drop down select menus the photo will change to give a preview of how it will look 



Adding your own categories

You will need to add your own categories for in your seller profile. These will show when customers are browsing your products in your profile so can be anything you want that relates to what items your selling

You can have main categories and sub categories. Once you add these they need to be approved

Once approved you can then go back inyour listings and add the catgeories you wan them listings in


To add your OWN category for your profile

Go to “My account” and then add product – Select te cog as you did for the options (see below)


Add your category name, description etc in the relevant boxes

Parent catgory leave if a main category- this only applies when wanting to add sub categories see below. You would add your sub category into a Parent (main) category (see more below for more information)


In the Search optimisation sections its the same principal as in the product listing



Adding a “sub category” to your main category

Create a new category as normal but select the “Parent” (main) category you want it to be in 


Your category list once approved – you can edit them here if needed



Back in your listing – to add them in

Choose the main category and then if you also have a sub category for it to go in,  add another of the same main category underneath plus the sub category next to it



Special Prices

Here you can add a special price for an item for a set period of time



For postage per product only (no combined shipping) Check the over ride combined shipping rules check box

Shipping from- United Kingdom

Processing time- Your completion time of the item

Ships to

Destination- choose UK VAT Zone

Shipping company- choose who you will ship by

Delivery time- choose the appropriate delivery timescale

Cost - postage price you wish to charge

Additional item- You can offer to combine postage if more than on purchased by adding a smaller amount on per an additional item


Combined shipping

Go to your account and down to Seller the 


you can then set up combined shipping. Here is a rough guide 


Letter post items  – Set 0.00- 2.01 kg and price you want eg £2.95


Box size items – Set this 2.01- 5.01 kg and price you want eg £4.95 


Parcel size and weight – Set this 5.01-20kg and price you want eg £6.95


You can also set certain products such as chairs, furniature to do a per product shipping amount if you want a set price for that

**IMPORTANT** the end number and start number from each bracket must be the same . Also if you set your weight in even numbers eg 1kg and 2kg this added value for combined multiple purchases can’t add up to the same amount as the end or beginning numbers of the brackets eg 2 x 1kg item is 2kg. This is why we set the brackets at 2.01kg and so on 


Setting product weights

For example items that fit in a letter post such as teacher apples, baubles etc. If you are happy for 2 items set at 1kg eg an apple and a bauble for £2.00 then set them both to 1kg weight 

eg 2 x 1kg = 2kg  so postage will be £2.00

If they order 3 items at weight 1kg the postage will go up to the next bracket of £3.95 


Example below Monkey set at 2kg weight and 2 have been ordered this weight a total of 4kg putting it in the £3.95 postage bracket 






Setting your preferred shipping 

You can select either the per product shipping or combined shipping – you can also use a mix of both.

You can set which method combined or per product shipping per product as follows


Per Product – Tick the Overide combined shipping rules 


Combined shipping – Untick the overide combined shipping box (the per product shipping will then become unable to edit)



We will be editing your photos and adding our Shop Crafts logo to them to make the website look uniform and professional.
We therefore need to have your products photographed on a white background please.

They need to have the following

* No shadows

* No coloured backgrounds

* No logos on the images

* No edited images

* Avoid household lights as these give a yellowy/warm tone


*Don’t use a flash


* No uneven lightening for back ground


* No textured surfaces/backgrounds


We need

* Well lit spaces – using white light (not household bulbs as these give off a warm yellowy glow)

* Plain white smooth background and surface


You can use things such as white furniture or walls, white washing machines, fridges to sit on or a backdrop, white card, white sheets or even a light box.

If we can't edit the photo to the standard we need we won't be able to approve your listing and will ask for a new photo to edit. 

Here are some examples of what we need and what won't work 




Photos that will work

Good white lighting to elimate shadows and get the background bright



Lightening not so bright but is very even and no shadows so this can still work for us to edit