Creating your profile

First create an account and then a seller account



Once your account is approved you can create your seller profile

Nickname  You can add your name, a nick name or your business name

Description Write a bit about you and most importantly sell yourself!

Avatar  You can use your business logo, create a cartoon avatar image using an app. Phone app we used was called "bitmoji" or you can add your own photo for that personal touch



Banner  This can be your business logo, or a simple "Hand painted by ' your name' " with some shapes or other wording, image of your choice
Size of the banner is approx 817 x 116 pixels or approx 21 x 3cm 




Invoice details – Go to my account and down to settings you can then fill out this page and add your logo. All this information will be displayed on your invoice you print for the customer


Seller badges - We will be adding these to correspond with your selling account level with Laser Craft Shapes. More badges will follow further down the line




Invoice details – Go to my account and down to settings

In general please add all your name and address details etc. These will be what is displayed on your invoice to the customer

Paypal payment – In the payment section please add your paypal email address so you can accept payments via paypal. If a customer doesn’t have paypal they can still pay by selecting don’t have paypal pay by card when they get to that section

Shipping- This is the combined shipping you set up (see other sections for this)