Description Criteria

How to add a product


Go to my account then down to the "seller" section

Select "Products"

then add new product

Name - This is your item name eg Daddy's cheeky monkey photo frame on stand

Description - 



TITLE HERE - use colour and bigger underlined text centred



What item is this an ideal occasion for - use colour and underlined text centred



Description here - add as much as you can. Please make sure to include the following points:-

* A full detailed description of the item

* Size - we sell/advertise ours in mm but a lot of customers use cm or inches so may be best to include these as well

* MDF thickness is it 3mm, 6mm or 18mm

* Does it come in any other thicknesses if required  - if so is this extra

* Does it free stand on its own or does it have a stand

* Is it suitable for hanging 

* Are there other display options available at an extra cost - if it can have a stand added, can it have hanging loops, add a backing plaque

* Is your item blank wood at the back, painted a neutral colour or same colours as the front
* Is it just available in the colours on the photo or can you offer other colours 

* Do you offer the item in other family names, or with personalisation. If so is this extra

* Do you have any other items that go with this as a set or to compliment it - sell these add on items! these will also be able to be added in the related items section below once added to your shop


By adding all this information this will help maximize sales