Search Optimization

Search Optimization


Tags- This is what customers will search the website for eg cheeky, monkey, photo, frame, male, gift

          *separate each word with a comma* this then means any single word they search will bring your item up

Meta Description-  This is what appears in google search results under the title. Limited space so keep it relevant to the item as well as what occasions it is suitable for eg Handmade cheeky monkey photo frame gift ideal for Daddy on father’s day, birthdays or any occasion

Meta tag keywords - This is what customers will search for on google when looking for an item eg photo frame, cheeky monkey, photo gift, fathers day, handmade, personalised, hand painted, wooden, gift, birthday

*Add as much as possible separating each set of words with a comma*


SEO keyword- This is the wording that appears at the end of the product URL. It helps with search results eg Cheeky monkey photo frame will be URL web link