Own options/categories



Adding your own options and categories


You will need to add your own options for your shop listings. 

These will be personal to yourself and not appear in anyone elses shop options. You can base them on LCS ones on the website to make it easier

Option meanings

Text - a single line text box for the customer to write in


Text Area - a larger box for the customer to write in

SelectDrop down menu where the customer can select a single option - value £ can be added to these options

Check box - Multiple boxes with options next to each box for the customer to select one or more than one option


once you have added your options they will need to be approved.

Once we have approved them you need to go back in your listing down to the options and select them from the box as they will now appear there


Adding Value £ to an option


This can be done back on the product listing once the option is in your shop listing drop down menu

For example number of frames added - you would want to add at least the added amount LCS charge for this plus any extra for painting the extra frame/s say

In the product when adding values to the options

Values - select the option from the drop down menu

Quantity - how many of that option are available (if made to order you can add 100 if wanted)

Subtract box - only tick if you have stock you need subtracting. If you don’t have any stock to subtract as it is all made to order DO NOT tick the box


Price - + or - use the relevant + or - for that option. Add amount you want to add on for that option. If nothing enter 0.00. You can use our add on values as a guide or use the same amounts 



Adding photos to the options

Once you have photos of each varation you offer, eg number of frames, with stands, with plaques, glittered or just painted. Add all the photos to each listing of the different options you do.

Let us know and then we can assign the photo to an optin so when that option is selected from the drop down select menus the photo will change to give a preview of how it will look 


Adding your own categories

You will need to add your own categories for in your seller profile. These will sow when customers are browsing your products in your profile so can be anything you want that relates to what items your selling

You can have main categories and sub categories. Once you add these they need to be approved

Once approved you can then go back in your listings and add the catgeories you want them listings in


To add your OWN category for your profile

Go to “My account” and then add product – Select te cog as you did for the options (see below)


Add your category name, description etc in the relevant boxes

Parent catgory leave if a main category- this only applies when wanting to add sub categories see below. You would add your sub category into a Parent (main) category (see more below for more information)




Adding a “sub category” to your main category

Create a new category as normal but select the “Parent” (main) category you want it to be in 


Your category list once approved – you can edit them here if needed



Back in your listing – to add them in

Choose the main category and then if you also have a sub category for it to go in,  add another of the same main category underneath plus the sub category next to it


Where your own categories show

When a custoemr clicks to view your products only they will then be able to look through your categories for a specific product as well as ALLproducts