Photos for your listings


We will be editing your photos and adding our Shop Crafts logo to them to make the website look uniform and professional.

We therefore need to have your products photographed on a white background please.

They need to have the following

* No shadows all around the image

* No coloured backgrounds

* No logos on the images

* No edited images


*Don’t use a flash


* No uneven lightening for back ground


* No textured surfaces/backgrounds


We need

* Well lit spaces – using white light (not household bulbs as these give off a warm yellowy glow)

* Plain white smooth background and surface


You can use things such as white furniture or walls, white washing machines, fridges to sit on or a backdrop, white card, white sheets or even a light box.

If we can't edit the photo to the standard we need we won't be able to approve your listing and will ask for a new photo to edit. 

Here are some examples of what we need and what won't work 



Photos that will work

Good white lighting to elimate shadows and get the background bright



Lightening not so bright but is very even and no shadows so this can still work for us to edit



Customer photos we have edited to give you ideas





Photos that won't work – we can’t edit these type of photos i’m afraid


Lightening tips

House hold lamp on left – Doesn’t work well, light is too warm/yellow tone and doesn’t elimate shadows or even out the light around the product. we can’t edit these type of photos i’m afraid

Craft lamp on the right – With white light works very well, evens out the light, removes shadows (when held in the correct postition)


Craft lamp – white lighting

As you can see from the below photos it is important to position your lamp in the correct place to get the best result. We can’t edit these type of photos i’m afraid when the light is uneven with lots of shadows.

Bottom right is in a well lit kitchen and a craft lamp with white light held above it, moved about until the shadows disapear

House hold lamps – these don’t work well

As you can see the lighting is too warm, un even and lots of shadows no matter where the lamp is placed. We can’t edit these type of photos i’m afraid




Your product will then be like this once edited