Shipping information


For postage per product only (no combined shipping) Check the over ride combined shipping rules check box

Shipping from- United Kingdom

Processing time- Your completion time of the item

Ships to

Destination- choose United Kingdom

Shipping company- choose who you will ship by

Delivery time- choose the appropriate delivery timescale

Cost - postage price you wish to charge

Additional item- You can offer to combine postage if more than on purchased by adding a smaller amount on per an additional item


Combined shipping

Go to your account and down to Seller the 


you can then set up combined shipping. Here is a rough guide 


Letter post items  – Set the brackets 0.00- 2.01 kg and price you want eg £2.95


Box size items – Set this bracket  2.01- 5.01 kg and price you want eg £4.95


Parcel size and weight – Set this bracket 5.01-25kg and price you want eg £6.95


You can also set some items combined and then some items per product such as chairs, furniture so you get a set amount for that eg £6.95 then if they buy anything else it will do the combined shipping

**IMPORTANT** the end number and start number from each bracket must be the same . Also if you set your weight in even numbers eg 1kg and 2kg this added value for combined multiple purchases can’t add up to the same amount as the end or beginning numbers of the brackets eg 2 x 1kg item is 2kg. This is why we set the brackets at 2.01kg and so on 


Setting product weights

For example items that fit in a letter post such as teacher apples, baubles etc. If you are happy for 2 items set at 1kg eg an apple and a bauble for £2.00 then set them both to 1kg weight 

eg 2 x 1kg = 2kg  so postage will be £2.00

If they order 3 items at weight 1kg the postage will go up to the next bracket of £3.95 


Example below Monkey set at 2kg weight and 2 have been ordered this weight a total of 4kg putting it in the £3.95 postage bracket 




Setting your preferred shipping 

You can select either the per product shipping or combined shipping or a mixture of both. Select which you want each product to use as follows


Per Product – Tick the Overide combined shipping rules 


Combined shipping – Untick the overide combined shipping box (the per product shipping will then become unable to edit)