Messages and Emails

You will get an email everytime you get a new message or question from a customer. Once you have a listing on we will also contact you via your shop crafts message box to let you know of anything we need you to add or amend in your lisitngs or profile.

It is very important that you can get back to us via the message tab on here and move forward quickly with the tasks we ask you to do please. Failure to comply with this may result in your listing being deactivated if is not up to standard.

**IMPORTANT** Please save our shop crafts email in your email contacts so we are down as a safe/known sender so you get all emails and they don’t go to your spam folder 

Email to save is

You can also set up a new folder in your emails for Shop Crafts emails to go in only this way they won’t get mixed up in your normal emails and may be easier to see come in. Please DO NOT respond to the email address. You need to respond via the Shop Crafts messaging tab in your account please as the person who sent the message will not get your response from the email.

You currently won’t get a notification on your message or question tab in your account at the moment so you do need to manually check in then very regular please

Once we are live we will be expecting you to get back to customers asap and within a 24 hour period please.

We are able to see messages and can monitor your response time and may pass on the customer to another seller if you are not responding in an appropriate time frame. We would only do this if absolutely necessairy and for the good of the site as we need to be providing excellent customer service aswell as excellent products. 

We won’t tolerate anyone moving sales away from shop crafts to your own facebook pages or websites and also by being able to view messages we can keep an eye on this that it isn’t happening. We will be adding a Custom price product into your shop so customers can order through there for the price you are charging after discussing a design with you.

Please note we are no way “spying” on you or reading messages regular it is just an option that is there for us should we need to occasionally check for the good of the site.