Birthday Cake £1 Coin Holder

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Birthday Cake £1 Coin Holder

Commemorate any birthday with this inedible cake suitable for any age and gives the recipient a chance to still have cake without the calories or dietary woes. This birthday gift is sure to brighten up any day and can be gifted directly to the recipient if there's a shortage of time or as a surprise. 

This creative gift can be decorated in hues of a colour to the recipient's preference, or alternatively replicate their favourite cake with coloured icing. The pictured cake has been decorated for gifting money to a 1st birthday boy, so has been decorated in blues and whites. Just like any special birthday cake, this can be further customised with finishing flair of your choosing ; glitter,  gems or a mixture of both. A complementing background is set against the pound coin space giving it a finished appearance for displaying long term. 

The optional extra to add a stand gives this a chance to have a 3D appearance and can equally be a dual purpose for a card, which will in turn no doubt provide a lasting memorable keepsake. 

In addition, upon request a back plate can be adhered to the item with a selected greeting or blank for your own personal message. 

The dimensions of this item are 15cm (L) x 3mm (D) x 20cm (H).

On the reverse side of this item, it is painted the same colour or a complimentary shade to the surrounding border and where selected stand.

If you order the stand it will come as two seperate pieces for you to be able to put together yourself.

This item is available for other seasonal celebrations or just as an act of random kindness, and in different gifted dominations;



if you have any questions just pop me a message 

Thank you Claire x