Personalised hanging Royal Carriage Bunting - More Designs Available

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Personalised hanging Royal Carriage Bunting - More Designs Available

Other designs are available in the drop-down menu - please click each one and view the photo of the design unpainted in the photo section. All can be hand painted in colours of your choice!

With the pumpkin shaped carriage and the oversized wooden spoked wheels and delicate royal features this themed bunting is ideal for any fairy-tale or girls room. This bunting whilst personalised lends itself to be used at other occasions including birthdays and theatrical celebrations as the lettering can be adapted to suit your requirements.

The listed price is for the number of tutus in the picture. Select the appropriate number of pieces accordingly and consequently adjusting the price.

Decorated in a popular version of pink and glitter sheen finish, with features being picked out in other shades the bunting comes alive. The wheels have been painted in gold metallic with a pearl bead for imitation of the central spoke. The individual letters have been painted and glittered in a silver, to make them stand out and create an eye-catching glamourous feature for this particular child's room. Threaded onto iridescent edged pink ribbon this really finished off the bunting perfectly and brought all the elements together.

The dimensions of this item are as individual pieces 10cm (L) x 0.3cm (D) x 8.5cm (H). The length of ribbon will be determined by the length of name but will have a metre spare for easy hanging.

On the reverse side of this item it is painted as the front but without the embellishment details.

This item is part of a wider range of character themed designed bunting for children. Alternatively, you may wish to look at our other bunting, which is available for seasonal and occasional celebrations, as well as in different appearances including stencil cut;

Seasonal; Christmas, Easter, Halloween

Occasional; Birthday, New arrival, Retirement, Wedding

If you have any questions just pop me a message 

Thank you Claire x