Dream Cloud Dream Catcher With Hanging Moon & Stars

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Dream Cloud Dream Catcher With Hanging Moon & Stars

This natural and uncomplicated cloud shape form with ribbon swirl font scripting dream, makes this dream catcher a hanging decor to accompany any space. The simplicity of the three dangling night sky motifs makes them easy trinkets for a breeze to flutter and quiver.

If room space is tight this neat and delicate dream catcher will provide an equally dramatic effect as one of our more intricate designs, moreover it is of a neutral theme and can complement any room decor.

Customise your dream catcher by choosing the colour palette to compliment the room it is to be hung in, or alternatively for the nursery according to the gender of the child if known. The night sky motifs are attached with colour matching ribbon, and decorated on the front with the customary acclaimed colours we have assumed representative of stars and moon; these can alternatively be coloured in any shades you choose.

Across the selection of pictures provide of this product you can see a range of finishes and effects, you can choose the same or a combination according to your personal preference.

The dimensions of the circular dream catcher are 18cm (L) x 0.3cm (D) x 12cm (H). Once the night sky motifs are attached  using 3mm ribbon, and an organza effect ribbon attached at the top; the total height from a central point to the tip of feather is approximately 40cm.

On the reverse side of this item, it is painted the same colours, withour the embellishments you have chosen.

This item is only available as per the picture. However, we do have other alternative dream catchers available in different sizes, themes and personalised options.

if you have any questions just pop me a message 

Thank you Claire x