Reusable Bespoke Character 6mm Thick Ferrero Rocher / Lindt Terry's Orange Advent

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Reusable Bespoke Character 6mm Thick Ferrero Rocher / Lindt Terry's Orange Advent- More Designs Available.

Other designs are available in the drop down menu and photos will change once clicked on to preview the design blank.

With the demand to find your favourite character in the form of an advent calendar, the opportunity to create your own makes this a reality. The main advent calendar holds your festive favourite chocolate orange for the penultimate day, and 24 other chocolates.

Please discuss your requirements with me before hand, so sketches can be drawn up to ensure you are happy before proceeding with the order.

This Christmas Advent calendar will create the wow factor for any family and will become the focal point for many years to come, with the eager anticipation of its arrival each year.

An ideal gift for those who have a birthday leading up to or during the festive season. With its easy assembly, it is suitable for all ages and spaces, including students and loved ones who might not be at home much over the festive season.

The price does not include the chocolate as seen in the picture

This well-known film character was requested by a customer for their son whose love is for this particular film. By taking the shape available I was able to creatively work it using bright yellow, and recognisable blue dungarees to create a look a like character person for the family to enjoy throughout the year. The infamous facial features of the googly wide eyed captures the essence of who it is to portray.

The dimensions of this item are 35cm (L) x 0.6cm (D) x 40cm (H). This item will come in two parts (Gingerbread and base)

The reverse of the gingerbread person is painted in the same colours as the front but without the additional embellishments and decorative accessories.

This advent calendar is part of a wider range of designs including the option for Kinder egg. Alternatively, you may wish to consider our other inedible countdowns;


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This advent calendar is part of other festive packages and collections to help decorate and make sure your family have the essentials ready for Christmas Eve.

If you have any questions just pop me a message 

Thank you, Claire x