Dinosaur themed character 18mm thick freestanding letters.

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Storybook Creations By Ceri

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Dinosaur themed character 18mm thick freestanding letters. 

The perfect gift for any ROARsome little person! These freestanding dinosaur letters are cut from 18mm thick MDF to include a long tail to the side, and as an extra addition to this style they also come with detachable 3D feet in the shape of dinosaur claws.

These letters are great for decorating bedrooms or play rooms and you can either have a single initial or make up an entire name from them; it's up to you! 

The width will vary depending on the choice of letter but they are 10cm tall. You then have a choice of three styles in which to decorate your letter:

Style A is a more female/girly version (because girls like dinosaurs too!) with gemstone markings on the tail. As these are painted any colours though there's no reason why only girls can enjoy the extra sparkle of the gem embellishments! There is then a single googly eye glued in place (exact placement will depend upon the letter chosen).

Style B has triangular markings painted on both the tail and the body and two googly eyes glued in place (again, placement will depend on the shape of the letter). 

Style C features circular style markings on the tail only and two googly eyes placed on the main body (placement dependant upon letter chosen). 

All letters can be painted either as the photo version has been decorated or you can choose to have a different colour theme if your little one would prefer a different colour!

The reverse is painted to match the front without the embellishment. 

*Price is per letter - please change the quantity if you require more than one

Please note these letters are part of a larger dinosaur themed range of products - please see my other listings or feel free to message me for details! 

If you have any questions please pop me a message. Thanks Ceri x