Dinosaur Token Reward Chart Drop Box

  • Dinosaur Token Reward Chart Drop Box
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Handmade by Suede x

  • Handmade by Suede x
  • Wakefield, United Kingdom

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Dinosaur Token Reward Charts 

These are our collection of reward charts, each one comes with 15 tokens, a pouch, a ribbon of your choice and matching stand as standard. All charts can be hung or freestanding and are completley customisable, you choose the colours, the type of token etc. the back will be painted the same colour as the background colour on the front, unless requested otherwise.

Choose from plain, smiley face, sad face (only available when purchased as an extra) chores or weight loss tokens. Weight Loss tokens include stones and lbs lost, they can include number of syns on the back of the tokens and can be used on any design.Chore charts can come with any chores you wish for example; make bed, tidy toys, brush teeth AM, brush teeth PM, wash face, brush hair, do homework, clothes in basket, get dressed, shoes on rack/away or any other task or chore you would like, can do so many chores so many plain too.

Can be personalised for £1 extra (colour and font of your choice)

Can have 15 extra tokens for £1 extra

Sizing : 140mmx195mmx10mm

If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to ask before purchase :)

Suede x