Easter Bunny themed magic fairy door with accessories.

  • Easter Bunny themed magic fairy door with accessories.
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Storybook Creations By Ceri

  • Storybook Creations By Ceri
  • Sedgefield, United Kingdom

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Easter Bunny themed magic fairy door with accessories.

Never again get flustered when your little ones start asking how the Easter Bunny gets in your home to deliver all that chocolatey goodness! Like all magical beings, the Easter Bunny doesn't simply pop through the front door, he has his own!

This tiny yet amazingly detailed little door explains exactly how he drops off your Easter goodies. Each door not only comes with a little sign asking the Easter Bunny to stop by, but there's a miniature basket of goodies as well. Most people like to attach these to the skirting board but they can also pop up on a shelf - and just imagine your little one's faces when they realise the Easter Bunny has built his very own fairy door in their house!

Every door is hand painted to order, so if you would prefer a different colour scheme to the one pictured simply use the menu to choose your preferences. The reverse will be left in the natural wood finish.     

Dimensions: 0.3cm (D) x 10cm (H)

If you have any questions please pop me a message. Thanks, Ceri x