'Happy Easter' Hanging and Reusable Spring Easter Bunting

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'Happy Easter' Hanging and Reusable Spring Easter Bunting.

Spring into the season of Easter with this reusable bunting, which uses spring themed shapes as the background to the individual and assorted stencil cut lettering. The bunting will bring a bright and vibrant feel to your home as the seasons change from cosy dark nights to a light and fresh ambiance.

This particular pictured bunting has been painted with iconic colours for the renown motifs, and in pastel shades to compliment their home decor. In contrast the eggs have been decorated in contemporary styles representing their family personalities; shabby chic, dotty, and stripes. They have not added any embellishments but you can opt for as much or touches of glitter and gems or pearls if you wish.

The pictured bunting has not been joined together as this style allows you to choose between one lone phrase or two seperated phrases depending on how or where you want to hang in your home.

The dimensions of this item is varied; each piece varies between 10 cm (L) x 0.3 cm (D) x 10 cm (H). Depending on the arrangement of the bunting it can be as long as you personally prefer to allow you to hang in your home.

On the reverse side the pieces are painted to allow you to hang in windows and they be as decorative to all who see, they are without any additional embellishment.

This item is part of a collection of seasonal themed bunting to hang at seasonal celebrations, alternatively you may wish to consider our range of birthday bunting and themed shaped bunting for other decorative purposes.

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