Family Where Life Begins & Love Never Ends Hanging Quote Sign

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Family Where Life Begins & Love Never Ends Hanging Quote Sign - More Designs Available 

A heartwarming phrase to remind loved ones they are part of something special no matter how far apart or difficult times are. Family is considered to be an important aspect of life, and even after loved ones are gone they are still remembered; their love never deminishes. True family have been there since your life started and are ready to love, encourage and motivate no matter how bad you mess up or what mistakes you make.

With two well chosen fonts which compliment the emphasise on the fundamental components of this phrase, you can chose how to paint and colour to suit the family home. The scattering of different sized hearts allows you to choose a shade of colour and we can then look at different effectives to compliment and unite words and hearts together.

The dimensions of this item are 30cm (L) x 0.3cm (D) x 15cm (H). With a 8mm ribbon attached to the sign, the total height of this item is approximately 30cm.

This item fundamentally comes as a singular item, however if you choose any of the alternative display options, this item may arrive in serperate pieces for you to assemble accordingly.

On the reverse side of this item it is painted the same.

This item is a stand alone design, however there is an assortment of different quotes and hrases available regarding families and relationships between individual members if you would like to browse further.

If you have any questions just pop me a message 

Thank you Claire x