Cupcake 18mm thick Freestanding Lettering

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Cupcake 18mm thick Freestanding Lettering *More Designs Available

Other designs are available in the drop-down menu and photos will change once clicked on to preview the design blank.

A freestanding initial with a tasty delicious appearance, as pictured the Victoria Sponge, which can be customised according to your personal favourite cake, consequently making an ideal inedible and diet friendly gift. An item suitable for any age or room, and baking enthusiast.

The cupcake feature can be painted in a variety of trends to compliment the design of the background painted on the letter or customised to your own preference.

The main letter can be painted in a range of finishes, you can add glitter or gems if you wish like sprinkles on a real cake.

Using vinyl, at no extra cost we can add a single name to this item.

These letters are designed to be freestanding, and the rounded letters like C, G, O, S have flat bottom edges.

Fully painted on the front, sides and back in your choice of paint colour. The reverse side of this item is not embellished as per the font. 

The dimensions of this item are 18cm (W) x 10cm (H) with a variable length dependent on the letter. 

This item is available without any features as well as a range of other themed shapes.

If you have any questions just pop me a message 

Thank you Claire x