Personalised Ghost Shape Decoration

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Personalised Ghost Shape Decoration

This a fun and cleverly designed novel hanging for Halloween, with the name as part of its design you can use it for a trick or treat bag, or as a home decoration. With a day and night appearance this ghost has a spooky illusion which is very fitting for Halloween.

Ghosts are frequently linked to Halloween because of the historical and religious meaning of Halloween. Halloween is defined as the evening before All Saints and therefore regarded as the evening to awaken the ghosts and spirits of those past. In some countries they undertake ritals as part of their celebrations to welcome and greet the ghosts an spirits; in Italy for example they will leave a meal out for their deceased relatives before going to church.

We all know and maybe love Casper the friendly ghost, so why not make your own friendly ghost with your own personalised version.

Whilst we have painted the ghost in the picture the traditional shades we assoicate with our image of ghosts, this is no ordinary ghost. By day this ghost will hang innocently wherever you choose, but by night when the lights are out this ghost could make you jump with his glow in the dark emergence. You can customise the name by choosing the preferred colour of the text whether its neon or bright.

The dimensions of this item are 10cm (L) x 0.3cm (D) x 7.5cm (H). The 3mm ribbon used for hanging gives this item a total length of approximately 19cm.

On the reverse side of this item it is painted in the same colours and with the special effect paint so that it can be just as effective if dangling in a bare autumnal tree.

This item is available in an alternative design configuration with the name stencil cut into the ghost, in addition if you would like a variety of shapes we do a pumpkin for the Halloween season.

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