Life Is All Moments and Memories Hanging Quote Sign - More Designs Available

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Life Is All Moments and Memories Hanging Quote Sign - More Designs Available

Other designs are available in the drop-down menu - please click each one and view the photo of the design unpainted in the photo section. All can be hand painted in colours of your choice!

Seek inspiration from this collection of profound phrases to unleash your inner longing to live a happier life enhanced by the personal desires of the beholder.The carefully selected motifs and scattered hearts give the impression of relaxation and a sense of mindfulness to be humble with the time and life we have with loved ones and cherish every moment and memory.

The pictured item has been painted using greys and dusky pink to compliment the customers bedroom decor. With the use of different paint finishes you can bring a touch of shimmer and elegance, whilst exploring a rainbow of colours and shades. We can discuss the use of glitter and other embellishments if you want to further enhance the touch of enchantment and charm. In it’s original form, ribbon is sewn to provide you the hanging decoration, however this quote can be backed with a plaque or alternatively rested in a stand to give you a choice of ways to display.

The dimensions of this item are 27cm (L) x 0.3cm (D) x 15cm (H). 

On the reverse side of this item it is painted the same or complimentary colours but without the elaborate detail and any additional embellishments.

Alternative display options 

Other display options are available such as a backing plaque or canvas which is adhered to the back of the item and painted in a complimentary colour to the wording, butterflies and flowers.

Alternatively, you may want to make it a freestanding item, and it can be slotted into a sized stand for displaying on shelves or other furniture.

This item is part of a wider collection focusing on other personal hopes, desires and interests;

If you have any questions just pop me a message 

Thank you Claire x