Mini Hanging Royal Crown Dream Catcher

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Mini Hanging Royal Crown Dream Catcher - More Designs Available

Other designs are available in the drop-down menu - please click each one and view the photo of the design unpainted in the photo section. All can be hand painted in colours of your choice!

A glamourous and glitzy crown is the fundamental feature fit for any King or Queen, and Prince or Princess of any age. Ideal for any room particularly a playroom or bedroom, or rooms which have limited space for decor but need a feature.

These mini dream catchers are as detailed in finish as the larger ones offered. They make ideal gifts or in this instance a novel alternative if you have had a themed party with a dressing up competition and can be a rewarding prize.

This pictured crown dream catcher is striking in appearance with a priceless gold tone and edged with gold glitter to enhance the nature of this royal head dress. Large sized gems in differing colours have been attached as would any crown have to show their wealth. Trimmed with lengths of 8mm ribbon which flutter in the breeze the mini dream catcher will hang from a looped ribbon from any position in a room.

The dimensions of this item are 14.5cm (L) x 0.3cm (D) x 14.5cm (H) in a circular formation. With the additional ribbon lengths and looped hanging the total height of this mini dream catcher is approximately 50cm.

On the reverse side of this item it is painted the same colours and simple detail as the front, however without any additional embellishments. This is to allow you to hang and the design be conveyed from any angle it might twist and turn.

This mini dream catcher is a stand alone design, however is part of a wider collection. In addition, we offer a more extensive range of dream catcher, including additional themed mini designs, and larger versions for a variety of rooms and occasions; Halloween, and Christmas.

In addition, this item is part of a bedroom bundle package which maybe of interest if you are looking for additional decorative features for a room. 

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