3D Heart Shape Peronalsied with Name Bunting

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Personalised 3D Heart Bunting with your choice of name.

One letter on earch heart. Capital letters.

This bunting has a larger heart on the bottom and a smaller heart on top (3D effect) with one letter on each peice of bunting. The hearts can be painted the same colour or different colours (in the photo they are painted different contrasting colours). The letter can be painted or glittered. If not glittered it looks good in the contrasting colours e.g big heart purple, little heart light pink, letter purple. The hearts could also be glittered, though this looks best if one heart or the letter are then painted.

The back and sides of each bunting are painted in your colour choice and the glitter is only on the front of the bunting.

Each bunting mearsures approximately 100mm (10cm) by 90mm (9cm) and is 3mm thick.

The bunting is supplied with rope for displaying.

I also have other style buntings available.

As this item is personalised please allow up to 2 weeks for the item to be made.


Iris Jax Designs