Personalised Large Birth Details Sign

  • Personalised Large Birth Details Sign
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Large Birth Sign


Created using all the important Birth details which makes an extra special gift!


Perfect Keepsake Gift which are great for birthday gifts as well as new born and Christening gifts. 


The price is for 8 lines maximum. If you require extra lines (More details added) then please contact us for a price.


Please make sure you fill in the options provided correctly;


Name - This can be just a first name, first and second name, or first, middle, and last name. The more names you have, the smaller the font will be as we have a maximum width of 300mm. NO MORE THAN 3 NAMES! Unless you are not having the 'Place of Birth' and then we can add an extra line for a name.


Date of Birth - This section will say BORN and then the day of the week, i.e. Monday, Tuesday etc.The line below will then state the day and month. Then again underneith the year of birth.


Time - Please state the exact time you would like us to put on the sign, this can be in standard 12hr time or 24hr time. Please also state AM or PM.


Place of Birth - This is optional. You dont have to have this on the sign but some customers like to add it. Place of birth would be for example; Essex, Peterbrough, Lincoln etc. If you require full details of hospital name etc then this may need to be added on extra lines which would be an extra charge.


Weight - This section states the Babies weight in Lbs and Ozs. Please let us know the correct weight in Lbs and Ozs.


Add holes - Please select if you wish to add holes to your order. This will be 2 holes at the top corners of the sign to be able to thread ribbon or twine to hang the sign. 

Available in All Glitter, All Paint or Part Paint, Part Glitter in any colours 

The back will be painted a neutral colour 

Approx 300mm Width x 400mm Height - Height varies depending on the details used. 

This is a custom piece and is made to order