Personalised A Teacher Takes a Hand, Opens a Mind, and Touches a Heart Quotation with School Icons

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Personalised A Teacher Takes a Hand, Opens a Mind, and Touches a Heart Quotation with School Icons, Displayed on a Canvas and Tripod - More Designs Available

The price quoted is for a quote with a plaque, please click the required option if you wish for it to be without.

Communicate to your teacher how they have affected and influenced with this emotive quotation. This uplifting and inspirational quote will give any teacher the reward for their work and efforts during their career. The iconic school motifs are well chosen and positioned to enhance and decorate the striking cursive script, which recalls the attributes and skills a member of staff may have helped your child to develop and master.

The cursive script, as pictured has been painted in a bold colour with the school motifs painted in recognisable colours they are known for. Subtle touches of glitter have been added to give a delicate sparkle.

The dimensions for the personalised options as per the photo are 30cm (L) x 3mm (W) x 23cm (H) attached to the canvas.

On the reverse side of this item, as it is attached to a canvas it is left as naturally intended so the recipient can, if so choose to be able to hang the canvas.

At no extra cost, a back plate can be adhered to the item and can allow you to write a message or date and sign who gave it.

Alternative display options 

Other display options are available such as a backing plaque and canvas, which is adhered to the back of the item.

Alternatively, you may want to make it a freestanding item, and it can be slotted into a sized stand for displaying on shelves or other furniture.

For an additional cost, you can personalise this quote to a named person.

This item is available in an alternative design with scattered butterflies and flowers.

if you have any questions just pop me a message 

Thank you, Claire x