Personalised Tooth Fairy Please Stop Here Hanging Sign

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Personalised Tooth Fairy Please Stop Here Hanging Sign

A magical and enchanting placard inviting the Tooth Fairy for a named child to flutter in on.

Heighten the feeling of mystery and anticipation with this charming and delicate sign, personalised for the child whose room it is to be hung in.

Using your preferred colours and in a metallic finish, we can create an effective sparkle to a piece which already conjurs up a sense of spellbinding and fascination. The tooth fairy figure can be dressed to express either your own or child's imaginative impression of what the tooth fairy appearance is.

The dimensions of this item is 30cm (L) x 0.3cm (D) x 17cm (H). The sign is strung with your preferred 6mm ribbon and hangs in total a length of approximately 35cm.

On the reverse side of this item it is painted, unless otherwise insturcted, in the same or complimentary colours to the fronted work however, without all the finer details and any embellishments we have added.

This item is available as part of a collection commemorating the times when the tooth fairy is to drop into your household;

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