Personalised Name Unicorn Dream Catcher with Hanging Feathers

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Personalised Name Unicorn Dream Catcher with Hanging Feathers

Unicorn Dream Catcher Collection.

This magical unicorn dream catcher is perfect for any unicorn lover. 

Dream catchers historically are associated with catching the bad dreams, whilst releasing the good. Unicorns in turn have a legacy of associated appearances, so it would seem only appropriate a dream catcher be shaped around this mythical legendary animal where there appears to be no one agreed look or style. Today, with the popularity being brought about by an array of children's animated TV series and the rejuvenated childhood toy my little pony, a unicorn can take the form of both a grand stallion and an elegant mare giving the opportunity for our dreams to really capture the essence of this enchanting animal.

This personalised dream catcher will be customised to your preference by being painted the colours of the imaginative unicorn. Decorated beautifully with flowers, glitter, and rhinestones. The feathers are attached with colour matching ribbon, and patterned on the front with the colours you have chosen in a random arrangement.

The dimensions of this item are 16cm (L) x 0.3cm (D) x 24cm (H). Once the feathers are attached the total height from a central point to the tip of feather is approximately 55cm.

On the reverse side of this item, it is painted the same colours, while the feathers are paintd in a singular colour of each of the shades used.

This item is available with alternative wording;


Personalised Door Sign

Sweet Dreams

In addition to our unicorn collection, we have other alternative dream catchers available in different sizes, themes and personalised options.

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