Freestanding Bright Rainbow with LED Lights- More Designs Available

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Freestanding Bright Rainbow with LED Lights- More Designs Available

Other designs are available in the drop down menu and photos will change once clicked on to preview the design blank.

Decorate a room with this freestanding rainbow which by day and night looks equally stunning and with the additional lights it really does duplicate as an alternative night light if your little one needs that reassurance in their room.

The item comes with a battery pack set of LED lights which come in an array of colours for you to choose from to customise with your home decor or personal taste. The price does not include the 2 x AA battery needed.

This rainbow has been painted in what are the bright traditional colours of a rainbow and finished with a full covering of glitter to really make this item sparkly.Alternatively, you may choose different shades of the rainbow cololurs, or pick out one colour and have hues of this. Likewise please choose the appropriate finish if you prefer not to have it fully glittered.

The dimensions of this item are 29cm (L) x 18(D) x 17 (H). This item will come already assembled with the battery pack easily accessible for batteries to be inserted and removed.

The reverse side of the rainbow is painted the same as the front but without the additional glitter as featured. The sides were also glittered to give that extra finishing touch.

This freestanding shape is part of a wider range of themed shapes to suit all bedroom décor as well as the option to have a personalised initial. The LED freestanding shape is also available in a range of Halloween themed shapes to provide an alternative decoration for this seasonal celebration.

The Rainbow is available as part of a wider collection of décor including; clock, mini dreamcatcher, bookends, bunting if you were interested in additional co-ordinating items.

If you have any questions, please pop me a message.

Thank you, Claire x