Reusable Easter kinder egg holder - Football version *OTHER DESIGNS AVAILABLE*

  • Reusable Easter kinder egg holder - Football version *OTHER DESIGNS AVAILABLE*
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Reusable Easter kinder egg holder - Football version


These reusable kinder egg holders make the perfect Easter treat for kids of all ages! 

Designed to hold an individual egg (anything the same dimensions as the standard kinder eggs should also fit), these make a lovely Easter present - especially if you’re wanting to give a thoughtful gift without involving a huge amount of chocolate! 

The best thing about these egg holders is that once the treat has been eaten they can be used as decorative pieces year-round, or simply reused each Easter - you could start a new tradition with one for all the family even! 

Each kinder holder comes in two pieces. The main body is shaped in your chosen design - in this case a football - and then there is a separate oval stand that the main piece simply slots into to allow your egg holder to be freestanding. 

There are several different designs to choose from, all are listed in the menu below so please simply select the design you want when ordering.

You also have the choice of having your kinder holder painted as pictured or you can choose your own colours, simply select the relevant option from the drop down menu when ordering. 

Please note that sadly the chocolate is for display purposes only and is not included. 

Dimensions: 12cm x 0.6cm x 12.5cm (LxDxH)

If you have any questions please feel free to message me. Thanks, Ceri.