'Sleep Tight' Dream Catcher with Hanging Feathers

  • 'Sleep Tight' Dream Catcher with Hanging Feathers
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Sleep Tight Dream Catcher with Hanging Feathers

A well-chosen phrase for a dream catcher, whose own historical background is associated with bringing a peaceful sleep to the room; capturing the bad dreams whilst releasing the good. The oversized moon, and a few twinkling stars, provides an idyllic setting for the phrase "sleep tight".

Customise your dream catcher to compliment the room it is to be hung in. The feathers are attached with colour matching ribbon and decorated with a tricolour of shades or can be singular colours. If you wish to add glitter or rhinestones we can accommodate this to the design.

The dimensions of the dream catcher are 18cm (L) x 0.3cm (D) x 18cm (H). Once the feathers are attached the total height from a central point to the tip of feather is approximately 55cm.

On the reverse side of this item, it is painted the same colours, while the feathers are painted in a singular colour of each of the shades used.

This item is part of a collection of dream catchers which feature goodnight phrases as part of the central design, in relation to the design of a unicorn there are alternative options including personalised and room plaque's. In addition, you may be interested in our extended range of dream catchers which include;

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