Spider 18mm thick freestanding Chocolate Kinder Egg Holder *More designs available.

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Spider 18mm thick freestanding Chocolate Kinder Egg Holder *More designs available.

Other designs are available in the drop-down menu and photos will change once clicked on to preview the design blank.

This item has a great novelty factor and makes giving chocolate more than just an edible and nothing to show present. This is a gorgeous and stunning decorative item which will add a feature to any room when on display every year during this celebration spooky period.

The pictured spider is painted the renown dark brown and black legs, with additional googly eyes to give a fun effect. No other embellishments have been used to highlight and enhance this item. Alternatively, you can choose your own decorative style and colours.

The price does not include the chocolate egg as pictured.

The dimensions of this item are 16cm (L) x 1.8cm (D) x 16cm (H).

The reverse side of this item is painted the same colours and detail as the front, however without the additional embellishments.

This item is part of a wider collection of Halloween shaped designs. This style of chocolate gift holder is available in a wider range to gift on other occasions including;




In addition, you may wish to consider the bundle offer which this item is part of giving a personalised treat for parties and gifting to friends and family.

Alternatively, you may wish to conisder our Halloween themed plaques which hold multiple Kinder eggs and lollipops, ideal for parties and families with more children.

If you have any questions, please pop me a message

Thank you, Claire x