Thank You Personalised Teacher Flowers on Stand

  • Thank You Personalised Teacher Flowers on Stand
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Thank You Personalised Teacher Flowers on Stand

The simple act of giving flowers will bring together pupil and teacher, and effectively secure a connection of a shared journey in class together for the academic year. This freestanding flower arrangement with vase is a clever everlasting gift alternative to fresh.

For centuries people have been conveying messages with flowers, hence the recognisable phrase; Say it with flowers. There are many occasions and reasons we give the gift of flowers. Flowers can be a wonderful personal gift. Receiving flowers makes us feel special, it shows consideration and great thoughtfulness.

The lucky recipient will feel valued and treasured and because these flowers are unique by design, they are able to relish in your sign of appreciation for days to come.

Just like any flower you can pick their colour, and style to perfectly match the tastes of the recipient. A fun challenge which says as much about the thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit but shows your great taste in choice. Finally, decide how to decorate the personalised vase, your flowers are to be displayed in, whether it is plain or patterned we can accommodate your personal idea. This vase sits on an imitation decorative dollie for a stand making it freestanding. Symbolically, we finish this gift with the touch of a butterfly signifying the start of a new beginning and just as you will do in the forthcoming years ahead, you leave having grown and developed.

The dimensions of this item are 13.5cm (L) x 0.3cm (D) x 20cm (H). It comes in two separate pieces (vase/ stand) for you to assemble when gifting.

On the reverse side of this item it is painted the same, while the flowers show a depiction representing the reverse of a flower head.

This item is available for other occasions and used for different displays;

Mother’s Day

Photo frame

if you have any questions please pop me a messageThank you Claire x