Tooth Fairy Door and Garden With Coin Holders on Stand

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DP 520 Tooth Fairy Crown Garden

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Tooth Fairy Door and Garden With Coin Holders on Stand

An imaginative and creative imitation of how the tooth fairy appears between worlds arriving through a doorway and out into a pretty and attractive garden. The coin holders provide an easy and affordable option with variable coinage size available to denote the value of a tooth.

Fairy gardens are a trend brought over from America. Their intention is to be bewitching and capture the child in all of us and for adults to resinate a sense of happiness and time forgotten of innocense and harmless frolicking in fields. Prestine and precision are fudamental elements of a fairy garden, the only limitation is your imagination. A small space can provide plentiful room for intricate and detailed structures which can change seasonally.

An enchanting and miniature garden which can enhance and heighten the magic and fantasy of fairies living and working amongst us. A combination design from the range of tooth fairy pieces to give a unisex style. 

From the imitation grass and the ornamental landscaped garden, and the LED fairy lights encompassing the base this item captures the essence of magic and enchantment. We can change the colour of the door and signpost to be more fitting to your personal taste, and the LED fairy lights come in other colours for you to choose from. We have added some subtle touches of sparkle on the crown, but you may wish to add glitter or a mixture of both.

The coin holders are for £1 and £2 coins and are painted in a metallic paint finish to compliment the theme of tooth fairies collecting and paying for their offering.

Please note the garden ornaments may change in colour and variation according to availability.

The dimensions of this item are 30cm (L) x 10cm D) x 19cm (H). It comes in three parts (garden, and 2 coin holders). This item comes as a whole piece adjoined for your ease, with a battery pack attached for the LED fairy lights. The fairy lights run on 3 AA batteries.

On the reverse side of this item it is painted the same colours of the items which are visible (door, signpost, coin holder) however without the additional intrique detail.

This item is available with alternative door handle features and the crown removed. It is part of a collection which celebrates the occasion of losing a tooth, and allows for every eventuality and budget. 

if you have any questions please pop me a messageThank you Claire x